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Glorious Hugs sells personalized care packages with original art

The Glorious Hugs brand


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The Glorious Hugs brand

Mary MacCarthy

Many people ask, "Where did the name Glorious Hugs come from?" "Glorious" refers to Grandma Gloria and "Hugs" refers to the big hug feeling we hope people get when they receive and open one of our care packages.

In designing the Glorious Hugs brand, we started with the values that fueled the start-up: mission-driven to improve society, respectful, thoughtful and responsive. To guide product development and communications, we listed personality traits to aspire to continuously demonstrate: warm, personal, light-filled, caring, compassionate, graceful, and accepting.

There is meaning to the logo and other visual brand elements. The human figure is reaching out to give or receive a warm embrace. On the box, the figure on the front of the box is reaching out with a lanyard of flowers while the figure on the back of the box is accepting the other end of the lanyard in a hug. The rainbow-like bands are called "hug bands" and reflect the colors of nature: the yellow is the sun, the blue is the sky and dark purple is earth. (Yes, brown would have been more earthy but brown doesn't look as nice as purple next to blue and yellow.) The background is calm and fresh white space symbolizing opportunity.

In art selection that stays faithful to the brand, it's easy to gravitate to artists who have beautiful hearts and minds. The handmade art we buy has specific themes and points of view including community, grace, playfulness and hopefulness. The art has depth that can generate endless discussions to alleviate loneliness and reduce stress.