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Glorious Hugs sells personalized care packages with original art

The Power of Poetry


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The Power of Poetry

Mary MacCarthy

“Rock breaks, weathers, is ground up and carried away

As the smallest particles of sediment. Tiny and slippery,

clay has so little space within that the minerals create

an impermeable layer, a deposit that even repels water.”

- from “Remaking Rock” by Phyllis Ballata, 2015


The power and beauty of words in two poems are in each care package. We commission new poems from Phyllis Ballata of White Bear Lake for each type of art and the poems relate to the art and a theme. See the Artist tab for Phyllis' bio.

Poetry offers learning opportunities: thinking critically about a new topic or enhancing one’s ability to concentrate, be patient and pay attention to detail. Poetry allows us to exercise our brains in ways we don’t often have the opportunity to do.

Intellectually, poems allow us to explore figurative language and creativity, enhancing our overall knowledge of language. In addition, some of the metaphors used in poetry will challenge us to think in ways beyond what we’ve always known. Without a doubt, poetry is mentally stimulating in a variety of ways. Poems can be read over and over to find new meaning and can be memorized and recited.

Poetry allows us to reap emotional benefits such as remembering moments from the past or relating to the content, making the reader feel comfortable and connected to the text. Sometimes, with reflections and memories like these being brought to life, we can experience some of the same transformational findings as when reading self-help books or going through a counseling process. Poetry also enhances our ability to be sympathetic because we are able to relate to characters and situations in the writing.

Combining poetry with handmade art is meant to have a synergistic effect so people find deeper meaning in the art and poetry individually as well. Glorious Hugs care packages strive to stimulate conversation and encourage the discussion of memories. Poetry with handmade art provides outstanding academic, intellectual and emotional benefits!