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Glorious Hugs sells personalized care packages with original art


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Refining the care packages

Mary MacCarthy

As Glorious Hugs continues to grow, one frequently asked question is, "How have you changed the care packages since you launched the company?" The answer is, "In oh so many ways!!" Those of you who have been following the company closely are aware of some of these changes, many of which you suggested:

- Introducing new art, poetry and card designs periodically including for holidays
- Added Willow and Max coloring pages
- Added a package of 12 Sargent colored pencils
- Added yellow tissue paper to line the care package so it's more colorful, soft and attractive
- Improved the design of the notecard to make them smaller and sturdier and added an envelope
- Upgraded to heavier paper for the poetry, letter, discussion questions and artist biographies
- Added new personalization options besides the art: cookies, card design, and fun little free toys
- Added other types of cookies, such as a Valentines Day sugar cookie from Grandmas Bakery (coming very soon)
- Added two "Hugger" stickers

These changes were made to  improve the customer experience upon opening their special package and to align more strongly with the brand.  So far, customer feedback has been very favorable!