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Glorious Hugs sells personalized care packages with original art


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Planning for the Future

Mary MacCarthy

In looking forward to celebrating one year in business on April 20th, here are a few initiatives in the works to continue growing and improving society :

1. Launching into retail gift shops. Last week the Landmark Center gift shop became the first gift shop to stock a smaller format care package called a "Mini Care Package" and another gift shop is planning to order. The Mini Care Package contains the same Minnesota art and poetry and discussion questions but in a 6" x 6" x 6" vinyl box. It's an adorable ray of light! 

2. Selling to large senior homes and other businesses in the senior care industry. Many organizations have expressed an interest and we're close an agreement with a couple senior homes. 

3.  Mothers Day is on May 8th! Only two months away! A big "First Birthday to Glorious Hugs/Mothers Day Sale" is in the planning stages and will be announced soon. 

4. In the longer term future, perhaps Fall, I'll be looking at transitioning fulfillment to an organization that employs developmentally disabled adults. This has been a company goal since day one. I can't quite do it yet because I keep making small tweaks to the care packages in response to customer feedback. It's Agile development at its best! 

Thank you for your interest and support.