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Guest Blog: Organic Essential Oils from Wyndmere Naturals

Mary MacCarthy

Recently Glorious Hugs started including Wyndmere Naturals organic essential oil product samples in every care package. The lovely scent of essential oils wafts out when the care package is opened! Each care package contains Lavender Garden soap, Aches & Pains soap for easing sore muscles and unscented cream.  

Here's a guest blog and video from Wyndmere Naturals about essential oils.

Wyndmere Naturals of Minnetonka, Minnesota has provided 100% pure essential oils for over 20 years! While essential oils are now attracting greater attention, they have been used throughout history for many purposes. Essential oils are the highly concentrated liquids extracted from leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark or other aromatic plant elements. Due to their concentration, essential oils must be diluted prior to use. Some oils (mostly the expensive ones that are diluted to be more affordable) are diluted and ready to use when purchased.  Most are not diluted though and need to be put into a cream, lotion, distilled water, bath salt or carrier oil prior to use.  

Each essential oil has a range of properties that can have psychological and/or physiological effects on the human body. Lavender, for example, is considered to be adaptogenic and has the ability to react with the body to achieve balance. Therefore, lavender can either be calming or stimulating depending on the concentration used and what the body needs at that time. Wyndmere Naturals also combines complementary oils together to create many unique synergistic blends for a greater range of benefits.  

Essential oils can be integrated into everyday life in many ways. The most effective ways of receiving benefits are through inhalation and/or through skin applications by using lotions, creams, massage oils, bath salts, body scrubs/washes, natural perfumes, air mists, air diffusers and natural cleaners. Essential oils can help with relaxation, mental clarity, odor fighting, mood boosting and so much more! Some great options for starting with essential oils include Lavender, Orange, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Lemon and Tea Tree. We hope your enjoy our products! For more information, visit our website at



An educational video covering the basics of 100% pure essential oils from Wyndmere Naturals.